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WECARRY erhält den iba.START UP AWARD 2023

Im Publikumsvoting via Applausfunktion auf iba.UNIVERSE hat sich WECARRY gegen 23 weitere Start-ups durchgesetzt. Das Start-up ist das erste pfandbasierte Mehrwergsystem für Verpackungen von Backwaren und revolutioniert damit das Konzept des Brotbeutels.

Die Start-ups stellen sich vor

3D-Lebensmitteldrucker für Profis, autonome Verkaufsautomaten und vieles mehr: Auf der iba.START UP AREA  präsentierten sich Pioniere aus dem Food-Bereich mit ihren Innovationen. Was die Start-ups Besuchern bieten konnten, sehen Sie hier.

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In a few words, can you describe Zymoptiq?

We are the result of research in microtechnology to remodel enzymatic analysis. We aim to be the reference for industrials for analyzing enzymatic activity throughout processes with a disruptive method.

How can your product be distinguished on the market today?

The Zymplate is designed to run 96 analyses in 2h in a very reliable, efficient and easy way. It replaces tedious technics by working for all types of samples: colored, unfiltered... in a 4-step protocol.


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What's the heart of our tool?

With Tweax, you’ll not only refine and manage recipes, but you’ll also boost nutrition. Join us to see how to bake a healthier and tastier world.

Why are we a must-see at the event?

Tweax is your recipe haven, designed with bakers, for bakers. Swiftly store your creations, then let our app sprinkle nutritional magic. Compare recipes, visualize ingredient impact, and savor AI-powered suggestions for tastier, healthier treats.


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Who is behind the concept and how was your journey from the first idea until today?

The journey began through the solid collaboration of Professors Gobbetti and Di Cagno with the Puratos group, by creating the first Sourdough Library. This led to the conception of a start-up aimed to reveal the secret behind sourdough.

What makes you unique as a startup?

We are the only start-up in the world that deals with the diversity of sourdough. It allows everyone to understand what lives in their own sourdough and compare it with a vast collection of sourdoughs from around the world.


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What is your USP/what makes you unique as a start-up?

sykell-EINFACH MEHRWEG runs as convenient as deposit
bottles. No need to install an App or complex registering. After
usage, return them easily through reverse vending machines
across Germany.

Where can your offer be used?

EINFACH MEHRWEG packaging is already available at REWE
stores, service stations such as AVIA and OIL, at Press + Books,
in service stores of Deutsche Bahn, U-Store and k kiosk & many
more in Germany.


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Company history

ScanRG GmbH was founded in 2021 by Dr. Uladzimir Zhokhavets, a former CTO of Phenospex BV. Dr. Uladzimir Zhokhavets decided to start ScanRG and expand the 3D multispectral imaging to the new industries.

Unique technology

In 2023, the company has developed the first multispectral 3D scanner with an integrated machine learning module for the quality control applications. The sensor combines precise 3D data with RGB and NIR color information, enabling a whole range of new applications and analysis possibilities.


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What makes you unique as a startup?

WECARRY is the first deposit-based reusable system for packaging bread products. We revolutionize the familiar concept of the bread bag, offering a sustainable, reusable alternative to the paper bag.

What added value do you bring to iba for the industry?

We are rethinking packaging - in a closed loop! This saves resources as well as costs for paper bags. And thanks to central logistics and cleaning of the bread bags, there is no additional effort for the baker.


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Who is Obsthof-Knab?

We are Thomas and Andreas Knab – the founders behind Obsthof Knab. In 2017 we started our project of growing Quinoa in Bavaria. That worked surprisingly well so we also tried to grow Chia and a small test field in 2021 became a few hectares in 2022.

What makes us different?

We are farmers and grow Quinoa and Chia in Bavaria. We take over all production steps up to the final product, which makes our Chia and Quinoa-products very sustainable. We are looking forward to your visit!


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How did you come up with this idea?

I think color makes food more exciting, unusual and special. I discovered the purple yam Ube a few years ago and developed my first syrup with Ube. I quickly added other delicious and unusual flavors like hemp or tonka bean.

Why is innovation good for the industry?

To stand out, amaze, please and create demand. In the post-Corona era, it takes incentives for customers to choose products. Old-fashioned recipes can be turned into eye-catchers with the syrup by a flick of the wrist.


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What makes you unique as a start-up?

Our company stands out with edible flowers and toppings of all kinds. The USP is our gentle drying process. We completely avoid pesticides or additives and rely purely on solar power. As a result, our products look like freshly harvested, yet have a shelf life of over three years.

Why should people definitely plan a visit to your booth?

Edible flowers are familiar to many. The combination of visual freshness plus a very long shelf life as well as a large selection make a visit to our booth unavoidable.


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What is your USP?

Print4Taste is the world's only manufacturer of a complete family of chocolate printers starting at under €1,000 for bakery and confectionery up to catering and hotel doing large events. An online platform with applications and over 1,000 templates complements the product range and, together with the Procusini 3D chocolate printers, forms an ecosystem with a guarantee of success.The simple operation with plug & play character is decisive for our customers. Thus, the Procusini does not require any prior knowledge.

What added value do you bring to iba for the industry?

In the combination of creativity and innovative technology, we offer customers the opportunity to reinvent themselves. The end customer is becoming increasingly demanding and requires individual personalized offers. Here, bakeries, confectioners, caterers and hotels are equally challenged to develop new product offerings. And this is precisely where the strength of 3D food printing lies. For example, the Procusini 3D chocolate printers allow the production of individual lettering or logos for a single cake as well as for a larger corporate event of 250 guests. The international market launch of our new Procusini 3D chocolate printer for larger quantities for the target group catering and hotel industry as well as the market launch of the Procusini mini 3D chocolate printer promises to be exciting. The latter, with its price of less than €1,000, is particularly suitable for beginners and small craft businesses. At our iba stand A4START21 we will be demonstrating live in action how easy 3D chocolate printing and thus the individualization of product offers can be. Tasting included!


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Our product

We offer a self-learning assistance system (MADDOX) for operators and technicians of production machines. It increases production efficiency, strengthens communication, and digitalizes knowledge.


Efficiency is not just data optimization. MADDOX enhances it by blending human skills, offering proactive feedback without keyword search. Meet our founders and visit our booth for a live demo!


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Founding story of the ZeroCarbCompany

The ZeroCarbCompany started of seeking to answer the question if it would be possible to bake a gluten and carb free bread with superior taste. After patenting the core technology, it got scaled up in a dedicated gluten free bakery. The ZeroCarbCompany started to toll produce for brand owners in Europe and is embarking on further global expansion through the recently announced partnership with Grupo Bimbo.

The purpose & mission of the ZeroCarbCompany

ZeroCarbCompany mission is to provide a bakery option for the ever-increasing group of consumers seeking a gluten-free and carbohydrate free choice for their diet. This patented, versatile bakery technology is not only gluten free, but also grain free, having more than double the protein & fiber content of regular bread. Available in loaves to buns, from white to dark multi seeded varieties. This mission is what got us going in the first place and keeps us going ever since.


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What is your USP?

Bakeronline provides an innovative e-commerce solution to bakeries, patisseries and chocolateries that allows them to create their own personalized webshop, website and application.

What added value do you bring to iba for the industry?

In 2018, we joined forces with Puratos to bring our digital solution to more customers. We help digitalize local merchants in more than 20 countries around the world. We want to make an impact on this sector by bringing innovation through digitization.


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What innovation do you bring to iba for the industry?

We solve shelf mysteries! Why do you waste more on Wednesdays? Why is one shop performing better than another? Spotimize uses AI shelf analysis to help reduce waste and out of stock, and boost sales.

What makes you unique as a startup?

Sales data show just the result. We dive deeper to reveal the journey leading to it. We enable daily finetuning of strategies and help managers understand the differences between their stores.


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Why should you definitely plan a visit to our booth?

If you aim to make your products accessible to your customers 24/7 or wish to continue
selling your manufactured goods after your physical store closes, then a visit to the
Marktbox at booth A4/START30 is a must.

Who are you and what do you do?

We are Dennis, Philipp, and Lukas. We are the founders, developers, manufacturers, and
producers behind the Marktbox, the first vending machine for bakeries.


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What is the idea behind your innovation?

Food sector is responsible for more than 25% of the total environmental impact.  To reduce it, it is important that the food industry move faster through the ecological transition.

To do so, we need to have an harmonized methodology allowing to measure the environmental impact of products and organizations.  This system has to be easily implementable in the industry.  There are many different claims present on the market, each based on different methodologies and each of them giving different results.  This is really confusing for the consumers, and it makes the ecological transition impossible.

This is why we have created a unique digital platform that models the PEF / OEF (Product / Organization Environmental Footprint) and that allows to master easily this approach.  The PEF is the most scientific and robust methodology available on the market.  This is the only one recommended by the European Commission.

Our mission is to help our customers from the food sector towards their environmental conversion journey.  Thanks to this new tool, the most robust methodology for environmental assessment is now easily accessible for the industry.


Why is GF-Impact unique and what does it bring for the Industry?

The majority of claims and tools available are related to carbon emission and climate change.  However, this is representing only 1/3 of the real environmental impact of the products or organizations.

The Product Environmental Footprint methodology (PEF)  is not only about CO2!  It is assessing 16 impacting factors.  Of course, greenhouse gas emissions are included, but criteria's like water scarcity, land used, toxicity or pollution are also taken into account.  And for the 1st time we make this method easily accessible for the food sector thanks to our unique digital platform.

The platform calculates the Environmental performance of your products.  You can then easily understand which are the most impacting factors, helping you to set priorities to improve your products and to take actions.  The eco-design module allow to integrate environmental impact simulations as of the first steps of your R&D process.

Willing to assess your products or organization impact?

-Then, the PEF and OEF are the most robust methodologies

-Our platform allows an easy implementation of those methodologies

-It is action oriented and it makes sure that the actions that you’ll take will be impactful.


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Die iba.START UP AREA supported by Puratos ist so viel mehr als eine Innovations-und Netzwerkplattform. Sie ist vor allem auch eine Drehscheibe für Wissensaustausch rund um die Fokusthemen Handwerk, Food Trends, Nachhaltigkeit und Digitalisierung. Noch mehr spannende Themen aus der Branche können Sie auf unserem iba.BLOG entdecken. Auch hier agiert Puratos als starker Partner und als Autor vieler Artikel, die die Branche bewegen.

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