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iba.DIGITALISATION AREA supported by AHA 360° & Shop-IQ

More digitalisation in your business - with the support of iba

Digitalisation makes the world go round or: think digital! 
Skills shortages, price fluctuations and sustainability: many of these current challenges can be leveraged with the support of digital solutions.  

Tailor-made solutions for your concerns  
Often, the problem is to digitise already existing processes that run manually and to think about them in a holistic and cross-departmental way. iba set itself the goal of providing visitors not only with solutions, but also with the right partners who will work with you to advance the digitalisation of your company.  

The iba.DIGITALISATION AREA and its processes - brand new at iba  
To make it easier for interested parties to evaluate where they can start on the path to digitalisation, a process was developed in individual steps and with the help of expert Dr Fritz Feger, which compares products and processes in order to deliver customised solutions.


Find out what visitors could expect at the iba.DIGITALISATION AREA and how it could help them on their way to more digital processes and products in their business.

Understanding digitalisation holistically with the LEARN AREA + DISCOVER AREA

We start where your needs begin: At the iba.DIGITALISATION AREA, visitors had the opportunity to start either with a process they want to digitise or with a product they already use. Practical examples and tailor-made exhibitors rounded off the experience. Two areas were developed for this purpose: the LEARN AREA and the DISCOVER AREA.

Understanding digitisation

At the LEARN AREA, interested parties received comprehensive knowledge on the topic of digitalisation: What is digitalisation? Oriented to your needs, which products and/or processes (e.g. in logistics, production or sales) can be digitalised and which exhibitors (at the Area and at the fair in general) can support you in taking the next steps?

Experience processes on site

The DISCOVER AREA combined theory with practice. With the replica of a completely digitised bakery branch, visitors could discover "digitisation at their fingertips". From production processes and branch processing to marketing and digital payment, they found everything there that their digitalisation hearts could desire.


Our Gold Partner

AHA 360°

“As the most innovative shopfitter, we demonstrate at iba together with our partners what is currently technically possible around the topics of digitalization and future. trends, what makes sense and generates added value, and where the digital journey in the industry is heading.”


"We are very pleased that the IBA has commissioned us together with AHA 360° with the conceptual design and live operation of the Digitalization Area. Shop-IQ is the established partner of bakeries for the digitization of their stores. We are burning to be able to present our solutions live at the Digitalisation Area and thus bring them to life."

Our Silver Partners

Aramaz Digital

“The tremendous leverage of digital systems in employee recruitment and development is our focus topic at iba 2023. After visiting our booth, visitors will know how to create digital omnipresence for their business, find employees, train them in the best possible way and increase productivity and results.”

Sell & pick

„sell & pick offers a process platform that connects data from various sources and provides transparent key figures in real-time. This empowers businesses to identify potential, optimize results, and automate processes.“



"We are part of the iba.DIGITALISATION AREA because we are actively shaping the future of the baking industry and see enormous potential in the networked world. With our digital solutions, we provide structure, transparency, and more time and profit!"


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